Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Sunshine Award

Every once in a while, we feel down and lonely for a no-good reason or having no reason at all. I've been experiencing stressful days and nights due to school works and deadlines that needs to be meet. It causes too much stress and unhappiness to me. And. . . the death of our pet "Buchokoy", makes my mood super down. I will miss his big black eyes and the way he wags his tail.

Life can be so stressful, but, we just have to learn how to handle it and reverse things from being negative to a positive one.

Before I proceed to the tag game, I would like to deeply thank Mommy Sj for nominating or tagging me in this game. She tagged me a few weeks ago or a month already and I will answer it now to kinda change my mood. Thank you so much Mommy Sj of All- Around Pinay Mama

The Rules:

1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Blogger Award. 
2. Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger.
3. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
4. Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world.
5. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers. 

The Questions from Mommy Sj:

1. Do you believe in destiny? 

2. If your answer is yes to number 1, why? If no, why not?
I believe in the saying that "Everything happens for a reason" and that reason was part of our destiny (even before we exist in the world)

3. Who inspired you to become a blogger?
I can't remember any particular blogger but Tricia G. might be one of them.

4. How did he/she influence you?
Her success inspired me so much. She was one of the most popular blogger back in 2011 and until now she's being more successful. 
5. If given a chance to turn back time, what will you change? Explain your answer.
The way I choose between options, I am an indecisive kind of person, I can't stand for my own, I change my mind every now and then and it sucks!
6. What is the most ridiculous situation you've had? How did you handle it?
 Can't discuss it in public.

7. If given the power to become the President of the Philippines for a day, what will you do?
Approve a law which will strictly enforce all the other laws.
8. A superhero will hand you his/her super power. What do you think will that be?
The power to read someone else's mind. 
9. What is your greatest achievement so far? 
Be the president of a college- based organization and the editor-in- chief of our college newspaper.
10. What is your comfort food? 
Chicken. . . fried, with cheese or whatever dish it is as long as it has some chicken on it and spaghetti ♥ 
11. What is your greatest dream? 
To become successful in whatever field I will choose in the future.

P.S: I will break the rules! Haha :) Let's just spread the shine and happiness to everyone. God Bless Folks!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Precious Tots Hair Extension Review

This post/ review seats in my drafts for quite a long while. Woa! Thanks God for we have a loooooooooong vacation. It is literally a long vacation :) We won't be having a class from Tuesday to Monday. It might seem like I'm a lucky fella, but, no, I'm not! I still have a thesis questionnaire to work with and I have to visit a nearby Municipal or Regional Trial Court to observe a case hearing.

I received this package from Singapore containing a set of hair extension. Since it was my first time to actually try a hair extension, I'm kinda excited and thrilled to try it out. I mean, I'm not the kind of girl who can let my hair grow longer. I'm used to having short locks.

Precious Tots Hair Extension Review

The exact color shade wasn't stated in the packaging, but, it looks like its a "Natural Brown" or "Hazel Blonde" (my current hair color)
I chose the straight hair! It looks so fancy and girl. The hair extension was made using high quality synthetic hair which can stand minimal amount of heat styling, and yes it can be styled.
To be honest, I wasn't able to determine whether it is a natural hair or synthetic one. My sisters and I were arguing whether it is natural or not :) The texture is really close to natural hair.

It is made from high quality synthetic hair, that's why it looks super natural.

The hair strands are neatly stitched and the clips were sturdy. Before using the extensions, I checked its clips and the manner of how it is attached, it is properly glued to the ends of the stitches and the clip was also stitched (for additional support)
Though it is synthetic hair, it retains its shine (I'm using vitress) and its smell (Creamsilk conditioner to the rescue)

The length, 14-16 inches if I measured it right. It really is long so it's perfect to be curled and styled.

That's it! I gotta go and enjoy my looooooong vacation! Have a nice day folks! ♥
Always remember that life is beautiful and so you are! *wink and smize*
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

#YesYaman with OLX

We all have a preloved items, that is a FACT! To be honest, I have more items in my drawer that needs to be disposed. And now, that is here, it will be easier to sell preloved and even brand new items. This site is previously known as SULIT.COM. With its famous tagline "Ang hindi na ginagagamit. . . IBENTA MO NA!", I'm sure you'll dig in your drawers and find stuff that are worth selling. That's actually a win win because you can remove stuff you're not using and you'll earn from it.

Here are some of my preloved items. . .
The first item in my preloved list is this Denim Jacket turned into a vest. Denim vest was sooo popular/ trending since last year, so I did my best to score one. But, I'm so unfortunate that I can't use it. . . STYLE UNMATCHED!
Next is this Bohemian Style studded sling bag which I bought using a coupon that I got from a giveaway and this gotta be my fave item. I got this 6-months ago and it looks as if it is still new. It can hold my essentials like phone, wallet, lip balm, comb and other stuff. I bought this together with the plaid bag that mama chose for her (My gift because she's a loving mother ♥).

The last two items were bought recently, I got this animal printed heels because it's ON SALE but I wasn't able to use it and I don't have the guts to roam around wearing this sky-high heels. Last but not the least is this Anniversary Inspirations book, bought this because I want to share the kilig and love with my BF ♥

What are your preloved items? Do you have any plans to use it? If not, IBENTA MO NA! *wink*

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nature Micropeel Emu Soap

*Insert Pharrell William's song here* Yes, I am that happy! I am super happy and inspired to be more productive. 
I am so pumped because my "Happy Hormone" also known as my boyfriend finally came home from his 8-month sea voyage. Imagine my happiness when I saw him in the arrival area of NAIA 1. I just literally run and hugged him as tight as possible. Ok! Until now, I still feel the kilig and all and I have to stop and move on with the review *wink*

Recently, I posted about the set which was sent by Nature Essentials. I will put the link HERE so you can check it and know more about Nature Essentials. One of the items included in the set is the Nature Micropeel Emu Soap which will be the star of today's review.

The soap's key ingredient is the "Emu" and I read about it's benefits in an online source and I would love to share it with you.

Benefits of Emu Oil

 "It can be used as a moisturizer and as a skin nourishing treatment. Many are turning to pure emu oil for treating fine lines and wrinkles as well. Skin conditions tend to respond well to the anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the skin and help relieve inflammation. When Emu Oil was tested, it proved to be very hypo-allergenic and to have an extremely high purity level. Emu Oil was found to be a safe product with no known harmful side effects."


Emu oil
Olive oil
Avocado oil
Kojic Acid
Vitamin C Chamomile
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Vitamin A and D
Fruit Acid
Malunggay extract
Vitamin C


For face:
Massage for 20-30 seconds before rinsing.
For body:
Leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing.
For hard to lighten areas:
Leave on for 8 minutes before rinsing.

The soap weighs 135 grams and I love that the size of the soap fits with the box. Some of the soaps I've tried comes with an oversize packaging eh. But, this one's different. You will definitely pay for the product, not for the packaging.
I've been using the soap for 15 days (July 21- August 5) and I still have half of the soap. As to the micropeel or peeling, I cannot see anything. To be honest, my skin doesn't react and didn't show any peeling with all the soaps that I have tried since I can't even remember.


I am definitely happy with its organic scent. It doesn't contain a strong scent, super relaxing and mild.


135-gram goodness
Doesn't melt easily
Simple packaging
Ingredients are very-well enumerated
Paraben free
100% natural
Relaxing scent
Leaves the moisture in the skin
Softens the skin


Softens easily (The soap melts easily but it doesn't melt. So, it is better to keep it in a cool dry place when not in use)
Doesn't peel 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Do It Yourself: 3D Flower Frame

My oh my! I miss posting in my DIY series. So, here's a new DIY which I made a few months ago.

Before the start of our Summer Class, I have an ample time to break and make old stuff laying around the shelves in our house. I found an old vanity mirror, medicine cabinet, picture frames, old clock and other stuff.


Old clock
Faux flowers
Glue sticks and glue gun
Beads or pearls (optional)
Paint and paint brush (optional)

Watch the video for the process and stuff ♥



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